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Dungeons And Dragons


About Dungeons and Dragons

Miscellaneous Comments

"..I've been face-raped by space spiders..."
-during session after watching Alien Vs Predator

"Hello. My name iz Bubba, and I shall be your Tentacle Monster for zee duration of your stay."
-during session, after one party member (an elf) was locked into a room for all eternity with a Tentacle Monster

"Illithid+Cat... Look! I created a NEKO FLAYER! Mmmmrrrowwwlllbbbb!!"
-...after creating a picture of a half-cat, half-Mind Flayer. ^_^ Teehee... I'm so broken..

"Time. It holds us in its grasp like a giant koala with dentures. We are slaves. Slaves to Denture Koala and his army of lightbulbs. Butternut poptarts are my favorite."
-Chef Brian

"I am a giant tomate filled with love. I have come to sell you a house made out of pancakes… And a garage made from the souls of little children? …Yes. HISSSSS. Pork. The cactus shall call it stupendiferous! Let us achieve! Jubilation!"
-Chef Brian & a Giant Tomatoe in a suit

The Morbid/Drow'n'Yuan-ti Campaign Quotes

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