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Dungeons And Dragons

Two Yuan-ti, A Drow, and a Calishite Mephling

About Dungeons and Dragons

The Morbid Campaign – Shining South

"Feel the wrath of 5d4!"
-Delona (Adam)

"…Two have Drow weapons…"
"Oh dear, my spidie sense is tingling."
"…ok, the arachniphobe who’s playing a non-Lolth following drow says My spidie sense is tingling. That is so ironic!!"
-DM (Charlie), and Rynadrin (Jessie) about 2 goblins approaching the party

Rynadrin (Jessie), bitchslapping a warg for biting her, thus casting Darkness on it

"A little genocide never hurt anybody… wait…"
-Rynadrin (Jessie) to hobgoblin shopkeep, about killing a very large group of goblins

"You know what wrack wands are supposed to do, right?"
"It doesn’t do that. It creates a fireball. A 20ft fireball. And when it explodes 80 ft away, it goes out by 20 more feet."
"…I can’t believe you got that after rolling a 1, and me rolling your crit miss from a of Rod of Wonder!"
"You rock, Iira. Really!"
-DM (Charlie), Rynadrin (Jessie), DM (Charlie), Rynadrin (Jessie), DM (Charlie) then Party to Rynadrin (Jessie)

"Iira… He’d kill you if he hit you."
"Not if I don’t fireball his ass with my Wrack Wand!!"
-Shakti (Sam), to Rynadrin (Jessie), about Katsu (Dan)

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