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Dungeons And Dragons


About Dungeons and Dragons

Current Campaigns

We're doing something odd in our current Planescape campaign: we're holding an In-Game DnD game.  Its long and complicated; basically, one character, slightly before when I joined this group, found a copy of the Player's, and well then... yeah.  An In-game game began, based on the next book they found: Oriental Adventures.

The Morbid Campaign
Characters: Rynadrin (Jessie), Sehrin (RJ), Shakti (Sam), Katsu (Dan); Deceased, Delona (Adam); Formerly Insane and Piffled Currently, Cyrus (Sam)
Currently In: The Shining South
Doing: Stuff.  Cuz we've killed both of our real casters.  ;_;  Not on purpose... even though I'm a Drow... and RJ and Sam are now Yuan-ti... and Dan is a Rasheman.  ... And Sam was a Thayan.... and Adam was a neocromancer/mortian.

The Oriental In-Game

Characters: Sadako, Kai Tarune, two unnamed charas (unintroduced as of yet)

Currently In:  Semi-Rokugani-ish area

Doing:  Hunting some Ronin

The Planescape Campaign
Characters: Teka, Santiago, Meliah, Turk, Arkis, Peregrin  (Update:  Santiago is Dead.  Peregrin dead as well.  Both were Sam's charas.  Le sign.)
Currently In: The Astral
Doing: Looking for Teka's ancestral tower

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