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Dungeons And Dragons

Hello, my name is Teka and I have a drinking problem.

About Dungeons and Dragons

The Spellweaver Campaign - Planescape

"Well, there went 3 months of roleplaying down the drain. I hate you Santiago."
-DM (Charlie), after Santiago (Sam) made a deal with the Kythons (which killed 3 months of RPing)

"Santiago now has a kython broodling...Oh Fuck.... its so cute...."
-Meliah (Jessie) to self, about Santiago (Sam)

"I need to talk to Daemon about making that nekoflayer for me."
"You don't know he's fucked up enough to make that for her."
"..Can I go to Daemon to reminesce about this dream I had when I was little about a cat that had tentacles....?"
-Meliah (Jessie) and the DM (Charlie) about the halfcat illithid

"..So that means we just fell down this thing's UTERUS!?!?"
-Meliah (Jessie) to Teka (Adam)

"So you hang with the Slaughterking for three weeks?"
"Mostly, yeah."
-DM (Charlie) to Party

"No, no, no wrestling with the Slaughterking!"
-Teka (Adam), out of character

"Can you spar without removing organs?"
-Teka (Adam), out of character

"Wow, I had the urge to call the Slaughterking cute."
-Meliah (Jessie), out of character

"The Slaughterking is telling you to dodge!"
-Party to Peregrin (Sam)

"Does Peregrin attempt to tell the kythons that sparring can be nonfatal?"
-DM (Charlie) to Peregrin (Sam)

"Oh, I thought you were trying to teach it MORALS!"
-DM (Charlie) to Meliah (Jessie), about Ripper, Santiago's (Sam) pet Kython

"Don't go to the Fourth Layer, go to the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth! Hell, go to the Nineth and kick Asmodeus in the balls to see what happens, just DON'T GO TO THE FOURTH!!"
-Teka (Adam), out of character, about Belial

"You are trespassing on the property of House Spellweaver; Prepare to be vaporized, Thank You."
-Turk (RJ), out of character, about the idea of him as a construct, quoting Genie from Aladdin

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