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Beliefs and Opinions

Here's what I think...

My Philosophy

This is my beliefs column.  As a few of you know, well, most of you, I am a Wiccan.  So a lot of my talks will revolve around Wicca.  But I will also talk about other things (possibly abortion or terrible friends).
For those of you with a closed-mind, this might not be the best column for you.  I am very open-minded on a lot of subjects, and will voice my opinion without thought (this gets me into a touch of trouble, but I don't care).  But for those with opinions, I will listen.  Just NO FLAMES!!!  I will not tolerate flaming!
Wicca is a Polytheistic (spelling?) religion believing in the power of Nature, and following, mainly, a God (The Lord) and a Goddess (The Lady), and that everything came from Them.  Unless your Diantic...I think Diantics only follow the Lady. 
As I said, I'm Wiccan.  I believe in many aspects of Wicca;  in other words, I don't just believe soully in the Lord and the Lady, but also individual gods and goddesses.  I am especially favoring of Diana, the Huntress, Selene, the Moon Goddess, and The Morrigan, or Morgan le Fay, the Three Part Goddess of War, Magic and Darkness. 
I am what is called and Eclectic Wiccan; that is, I believe in many different parts of Wicca, different gods and goddesses from different base religions, and have mixed rituals from different branches of Wicca into my own special blend ("I brought a candle.  It's extra-flamey...").  Like Folger's, I am my own mix.  ^_^
If anyone has questions, I will answer them here.  (I'm gonna ask my friends if there's anything I should address...)

My Opinions on Current Events

Ok... Lesse.  Broke up with Sam.  Which sucks, cuz I did love him.  However, he was V mean to me.

Good news.  Dating Charlie.  Love him terribly.  So cute....

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.

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