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Ok, to anyone who's magically *snickers (no pun intended)* fallen across my website, and doesn't know me at all, I'm putting this up for you. My friends know about me n' my religion, but for those of you who are of the Religious Right Wing of the spectrum, here's your chance to run away.

If you think your parents will be mad that you looked into this little area of my site (and actually care), or are wise to the fact that your parents CAN check your history and cookies (erase them! erase them NOOOWWWW!!!) and know that they (your parents) would email me and call me a Satanist or whatthefuck ever, don't go further. Wait till you are either 1337 enough to cover your tracks, or are old enough to look at information on Pagansim without your parental figures getting pissy and bitching me out for turnin' their poor Jimmy/Sally into a Satanist witch.

Thank You. Either leave the site, return to the rest of the site, or continue on. The choice is yours.

We're a religiously tolerant site! ^_^

Are You Sure??

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