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Dollz Heaven

Dollz on Shiori's Bases

Dollz on Dolleria's Bases
Dollz on Angy-chan's Bases
Dollz on Shiori's Bases
Doll Links
Unsorted Dollz
Unsorted Dollz 2
Unsorted Dollz 3
Unsorted Dollz 4

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Angel Morrigan, Cute and Evil

Me and my baby kitty, Sexy Cat

Pagan And Proud of It!!

Angel Morrigan, this time with Rebbeca Wolf

Outfit based off the ones from Practical Magic

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A Plee To All Dollmakers:

I've recently lost my links list, and as such, I no longer have a comprehensive list of the base's I've used, and their owners. This is a bitch, and I'd appreciate it if you happen to identify your base, ***PLEASE*** email me that its yours!! I would love to give credit when its due, but thanks to circumstances out of my control (cross-USA move), I'm unable to. Your help is SOULFULLY appreciated. Thank you!!