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Dollz Heaven

Dollz on Angy-chan's Bases
Dollz on Dolleria's Bases
Dollz on Angy-chan's Bases
Dollz on Shiori's Bases
Doll Links
Unsorted Dollz
Unsorted Dollz 2
Unsorted Dollz 3
Unsorted Dollz 4

Magickal Jessie, the current Avatar of this Page

The Black Gown of my Dreams...

Xanthe Nailo the Fey-ri Rogue

Rynadrin Iira'roosana, called Iira

Based on a piece of Sailor Mars fanart

Angel Morrigan and Beccalyn Wolf, at the beach

So Cuuuuute!


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A Plee To All Dollmakers:

I've recently lost my links list, and as such, I no longer have a comprehensive list of the base's I've used, and their owners. This is a bitch, and I'd appreciate it if you happen to identify your base, ***PLEASE*** email me that its yours!! I would love to give credit when its due, but thanks to circumstances out of my control (cross-USA move), I'm unable to. Your help is SOULFULLY appreciated. Thank you!!