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Just a shoutout page with my crew on it.  Luv ya all!

To Quote Queequaeg:  "BLUH!!! Baaaad Magick....."*low, ominous and gutterally said*

Sam & The Wytches Webmistress (Me)

I love ya ta death, know that?  Just no more comments about my logic (Though we all know it works just fine!).
Can't wait till Prom (and Beltaine...^_~)

JUUUUUUNE!  Or "Zoe" as she would like her name to be, is the FES (foreign exchange student) at my school.  I *heart* June, cuz she's crazy (June Gone Wild, Part 4! out this summer) and a good friend, even if she hates me.  *cries* Don't hate me June!!!  Nooooooooooo!!!  Anyway, June, take care, and hope you have a nice Prom.
PS, Me and Candi will make you stay here forever!!


V-chan on our Art Club Trip last year

Yo.  Just droppin' ya a line, V.  Hope you find MJ in an empty alleyway.  She deserves it.  ^_~  Ebil moi....Anyway, we gotta find out how to keep June in the country...Which we so will do, right?  Anyway, just sayin' hey.  And to quote a famous person...
"You'll find me in the club, bottle full o' Bud...
My mind got what ya need, ya need to feel the buzz..."