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Tests I've Taken

I got all of these from Dane Carlson's Weblog

Which Kozi are you?
quiz by sinergi

I am Gackt's exotic look!
Which Gackt hairstyle are you most like?

yet another crazy Gackt quiz
by mcvarmazi
You just added to Gackt's mystery and beauty during his Malice Mizer years. You're styled, neat, cool, and almost impossible to comprehend. How many hours it took for his hair to look like that the world will never know...

Which X/1999 characters are you?
Quiz made by Chesa

Which LotR Character Are You?
Created by>PinkPunkerz.

Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are YOU?
Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Which Jpop girl are you?
Quiz by Hume Esper
I'm Mrs. Sirius Black
The HP Male Marriage Quiz made by Sapphire.
Oooh. Awesome. (Major Sirius Black Fan!)

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