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Fate of the World

Author's Note
Fate of the World is a story I worked on from the middle of my
Freshman year, to the middle of my Sophomore year, if I
recall correctly. 

Its gone through plenty of changes over the years of its existance
(I'm now a senior).  It was the first story I wrote, and while its
a rather juvinile story, I love it to death. 

It came to me as a series of dreams.  I was rather inspired to make it,
seeing as I wouldn't work on it for several months at a time,
then two days in a row I would
be like ".....Must Write....Must Write...." and I did. 

So, here it is: The Fate of the World.

Synopsis:   (aka SPOILER ALERT)
Fate of the World is the very fictional story of Angel, a young woman who knows the power of magic, and her friends.  She and her boss, Cid, travel the world to find the legendary "Dragon Sceptres".  Once found, they give the power to control the most powerful creatures in the land, Dragons.
Following their conquest of the Earth, they rebuild everything, and its good...Right.
No story doesn't have a bit of drama.  Treachery, Treason, Blood, and Romance run abound as Angel and her fellows struggle to keep their just blossoming reign alive and out of danger. 
It doesn't end there, as Angel finds a mysterious document, which holds a discovery so shocking, it will catalyst a InterDragon war....
Semi-Crossovery- Ideas for details drawn from the Dungeons and Dragons movie, Reign of Fire, and some characters are from other sources.
Disclaimer- While I do not own the Scepters as they are semi-ripped from D&D movie, I do own:
  • The Dragons, 
  • The Characters, save for -->
  • Suro (Copyright, Ramon Lopez Jr.)
  • Chocolate (Copyright, Creators of Sorcerer Hunters)
  • Neo (Copyright the wonderful Creators of the MATRIX!)
  • the name Urd, (Copyrighted to the Creators of Ah My Goddess, who stole it from the name of one of the Goddesses of Past, Present, and Future from Norse myth, Urdu of the Past.

Thank you,

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